Speed Limit Laws and Unfair Tickets

If you’ve been accused of violating the speed limit, you may already be feeling that it’s just not fair. The police may have ticketed you, but you’re pretty sure you weren’t driving over the speed limit. 

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that they don’t have to simply accept those charges. Instead of paying your fines and accepting the penalties, you can take your case to court with a lawyer and possibly avoid the penalties for a speeding ticket. 

Basic vs. Absolute Speed Laws

If you’ve been stopped for driving above the speed limit, you may not have technically been driving above the posted speed limit. What many drivers don’t realize is that there are two types of speed laws: basic and absolute speed laws. 

Absolute speed laws are the top speed you can travel within the law. For example, if the speed limit sign says you can only drive thirty-five miles per hour, then driving over that limit is automatically breaking the law. In these cases, your Chicago speeding ticket lawyer may focus on proving you weren’t driving over the speed limit. 

However, basic speed laws mean that you could be ticketed even if you’re not driving over the speed limit. These speed laws focus on the safest speeds you can travel. For example, if you’re in a 35 mph speed limit zone, but it’s raining hard, the safest speed to travel may be limited to 25 mph. In these cases, your lawyer may try to prove you weren’t driving unsafely. 

Traffic Tickets Can Hurt Your Future 

Unfortunately, either type of speeding ticket can be frustrating, and they can both hurt your future. You could face some hefty fines, which puts you in a tough financial situation. 

Worse, that could add points to your license. That may not affect you at first, but those driving points will add up over time. If you receive enough points within a few months, your license could be suspended. The amount of points will determine the length of the suspension. 

For those who need their cars to get to work or school, that could turn into a major problem. That can be embarrassing and unfair, especially if you weren’t driving over the posted speed limit.

Fighting the Penalties for a Traffic Ticket 

Fortunately, you’re not lacking in options when you’re pulled over and given a speeding ticket. It may seem tough, but you have options to fight your speeding ticket. 

For example, you may have been pulled over for violating the basic speed law or for driving too fast for the conditions. In these cases, you and your lawyer may work to prove that you were actually driving carefully, without endangering others on the road. 

If you were ticketed for driving over the absolute speed limit, your defense may focus on proving the officer wrong. You may have proof that you weren’t on the road they claimed you were, which may have a lower speed limit. You may also call the accuracy of the radar gun into question, especially if they failed to re-calibrate it over some time. 

When it comes to recovering from a speeding ticket, you have options to fight back against the officer’s word and avoid those harsh penalties, even if it’s hard to fight the word of a police officer.