An Eye on Law Enforcement

Lately, stories of misuses of power by the police have become a major concern for the public. These concerns are serious, as an abuse of power is a danger to the public and to people like you. 

This can be something as frustrating as a speed trap, or as serious as an arrest gone wrong. That’s why we’re here. We’re a watchdog group here to ensure that the police are acting responsibly and within the law on all levels. 

Speed Traps

One moment, you’re taking a little drive, and maybe you were going a little over the speed limit. The next moment, though, you realize you’ve passed a cop while going over the speed limit. The problem is, that officer was hiding behind a sign, building, or other structure. You didn’t see them until it was too late. 

These situations, called speed traps, are against the law in many states. When an officer breaks the law like this, our group is there to step in and stop this unfair action. 

Unlawful Arrests

Dealing with an arrest is already embarrassing and upsetting. Knowing that you were unlawfully arrested, though, adds more to your case. You may feel that justice isn’t being served and that the officer had no legal reason to arrest you. 

Even a few false or unlawful arrests a year is too much. This show of power hurts the people, leaving them posting bail or otherwise suffering for something they didn’t do. That’s why we focus on finding the officers responsible for unlawful arrests and why we push for justice for those arrested. 

Police Brutality 

Many of us have heard news stories about police officers assaulting, injuring, or killing people during their line of work. Unfortunately, many marginalized groups and the mentally ill suffer because of officers using lethal force that isn’t necessary. 

That’s why we’re on the lookout for stories of deaths or injuries like this. We advocate for de-escalation training, which can help stop a situation from turning deadly, and we help others understand their rights when dealing with the police. That way, people like you know what to do if a traffic stop or an arrest goes wrong. 

Looking Out for the People

The level of power the police has leaves people worried about all these interactions and more. When you’re pulled over, you’re facing someone who does have a weapon and more power if your arrest goes awry. That’s why we’re focused on keeping an eye out for the people. 

If you’re concerned about interacting with the police, or if you’re concerned about the many news stories about the police many of us hear, check in with our site for more information. We keep an eye on the power, actions, and laws surrounding the people hired to protect and serve. We want to help ensure they’re doing exactly that for our communities.